Thursday, January 20, 2011

Products of Pwn: looking for love in all the wrong places

Craft-able or farm-able, quest-able or purchasable, purple epic or vendor grade, I'm on the hunt for the best pvp items in wow. I'll be hunting these suckers down and reporting them to you in wow ganksta: products of pwn.

Read on.

Today's commodity of carnage is adorable. It's gotta be covered with the Love is in the Air event coming up.

Romantic picnic basket

This is my favorite camping item. It's pretty much free, any level can get it during the event, and it looks like a nice campsite picnic set out as you wait for your kill to res. It's found in the gifts you receive during the event. Read up on how to get it, and farm it on all of your toons. Last year my Warlock got 3, so it is extremely likely that with any effort you get one.

You'll notice this is also not a long cast or anything, and not a bad cooldown. My favorite camping ability has to be cannibalize, if you set out a romantic picnic first when they don't release quickly it's even better.

I've got a good list of items ready to cover for this column. If you know of any neat and nifty items of various usefulness you'd like to submit, please hit me up at: