Thursday, December 2, 2010

Location, location, location: Thunder Bluff, Pools of Vision

This article is about locations in world PVP that can be used to a player's advantage. Both Alliance and Horde locations will be covered. Through research, gameplay, (and hopefully some user submissions) I intend to create a map notes set for an addon to be added to and taken from to help everyone in PVP.

Today we're covering a place in the Horde city of Thunder Bluff's Pools of Vision. It serves well as a summoning spot to get your raid up, as well as a good place to re-group.

Coordinates: Thunder Bluff, Spirit Rise: 21, 21

These are the coordinates of the back of the cave, in a nook where you shouldn't be so easily seen.

This area does have Horde NPCs in it, as well as one of their portals. It is still a good place to battle. The reason is that there is a Bridge at the entrance that is narrow, and the area has many levels. Jump around a bit in there and you'll notice it is obnoxious to fall down a level and get back up. There is LOS toward the back. If you have anyone with a kick back move with you then have them push people off the bridge and take them out with your casters.

It's not as secret as we'd hope, however it is in Thunder Bluff, so you're less likely to immediately run into a large resistance right away. This is unlikely to change much in Cataclysm.

I have been just playing around in Thunder Bluff here, and decided to use trade to quickly make a raid for Cairne. It went smoothly.

You can check this out on a new Horde toon and get to know the place, or on your 80, or go in with a group of pals.

Many, many, more locations to come soon.

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