Thursday, November 18, 2010

Insanely Easy WOW Macro Guide page 5: Basic macro commands library

This is page 5 of the Macro guide, read the other pages first:

Page 2: You're going to make a macro, part 1
Page 3: You're going to make a macro, part 2
Page 4: You're not going to make a macro: Basic Macro Theory
Page 5: Basic Macro Commands list

Or, read on

I'm going to use the wow300 links for these in case you want to learn more about each. However, for your beginner use you can usually simply find a macro that sounds ok, and edit in or write over what is has with these. Remember conditions can be added with commas separating them, and adding no to the condition checks the opposite. Commands want their own lines, so start a new line to add one. Mod keys are ctrl, alt, and shift. Remember if you have a pet that ctrl might screw you as a mod when used with number keys, as you most likely have pet binds there.


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