Thursday, November 18, 2010

Location, location, location: Stormwind Cathdral of Light basement

This article is about locations in world PVP that can be used to a player's advantage. Both Alliance and Horde locations will be covered. Through research, gameplay, (and hopefully some user submissions) I intend to create a map notes set for an addon to be added to and taken from to help everyone in PVP.

Today we're covering a place in the Alliance city of Stormwind most allies have not even been to. It serves well as a summoning spot to get your raid up, as well as a good place to fight once you have checked it out a bit.

Coordinates: Stormwind, Cathedral of Light: 50,42

These are the coordinates of the center of the bottom room of the basement.

To get there enter the Cathedral of Light and head straight in. In the back right hand corner of the room you have entered is a tiny hallway then a spiral staircase downward. Continue into a room with an NPC in it (Brother Crowley), and in the back right of that is another staircase downward. At the bottom of this staircase turn right, as the right side goes deeper downward, the left side is still a swell spot. If you go right, at the end of the next room is another staircase to your left to go even deeper.

Here you can summon, eat, drink, and be merry with no interruptions as far as I've experienced. There are good hiding places throughout this basement, and many places for warlocks to place teleport. You can place it in the left side basement and port there from the first part of the right side basement. There are tiny inlets in the walls to be stealthed in.

In practice for actually battling here, fighting on one of the other floors and having a place to run back to and regroup deeper within the basement works very well. Once everyone knows where to head to re-group, you can simply state retreat is necessary and get back there for food and drink or heals, perhaps an innervate.

Good fighting locations are by Brother Crowley if you can lure people there, with good, fast, LOS at the stairs. Also, in the tiny hallway up top right above the spiral staircase. You can also fight in front, but there is more likelihood of a failed attempt to get to safety.

You can check this out on a new alliance toon and get to know the place, or run in late night on your 80, or go in with a group of pals.

Many, many, more locations to come soon.

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