Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magnificent Macros and Succulent Scripts: the rearview mirror

I've never seen this script used outside of an old Mage exploit. It can no longer be used to turn your character while holding down auto run or to blink. However it has some nifty uses in game.

What this will do is turn your camera around to look behind you. You can continue to run forward while looking behind you, and simply tap it again to go back to your normal view.

/run FlipCameraYaw(180)

I've used this off and on for some time now. It's extremely useful on my lock bound to / next to my auto run. I can see behind me and cast dots as I run and slow down my enemies. I've used it on other toons for many things from targeting to spin around and attack to range checks to see if I have time for a heal, and of course the very basic usefulness of a nice instant glance behind me.

Similar effects can be gotten through the standard camera setup in game, but you may experience changes of follow angle and camera movement animations. I've enjoyed this simple script as an alternative.

Rock it up, tell us what you think.

I'd love to rock some unique, somewhat universal, cool macros and scripts as often as possible. If you know any hit me up with them at:

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