Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magnificent Macros and Succulent Scripts: Disabling Windows Hot Keys

Seriously. Quickly, easily, and only in WOW. I know you asked on the tech forums. I knows the answer was go look it up. I know you searched all over. I know some of the suggested solutions are extreme.

Well, we're going to disable the keys you want for WOW, and WOW only, in an easily undone manner.

You've got two choices on this. You can just download the .exe file from here, test it. Once satisfied drag it into your start-up folder so you don't need to launch it by hand every time you start your computer. Do a virus scan on it if you're afraid. Whatever you want to do.

The second choice since you may be really paranoid and such is to search Google for the program "AutoHotKey" and download it, quickly read the tutorial, and copy my script into a text document, save that document as an .ahk file, and use it in that form.

Click Here for the .EXE file

I gotta find a better place to host files, lol. Skip the advertisements, make sure you click the right download button.

If you want to download and write out the script itself, go get AHK (AutoHotKey) install, and open notepad. Enter this:

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft
!TAB::Send {Tab}

Save it as a .ahk file, then double click to open it.

Test either way out. If you dig it, open your start folder and drag the .ahk or .exe file into it and it will start every time you start windows, which is fine since it only affects the Warcraft window.

If you press alt+f4 it does nothing. If you press the right side windows key it does nothing. If you press the left side windows key it does nothing. If you press alt + Tab it presses Tab as normal, since that shouldn't be a big deal, and is normally what you intended.

I'll end up with a ton of these scripts, and compilations and such later. I use them for everything, my personal script is very long. I made this one for you :)

If you have any suggestions for future "Magnificent Macros and Succulent Scripts" Then shoot me an E-mail at WOWGankstaBlog@gmail.com

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